Let’s get this on the table now. I don’t do commas well. I don’t have an editor checking my blog posts either. To give you insight to the situation, here’s the moment I knew I might have a comma problem.

I had finished reading at my first ever writer’s critique session led by a chief editor at a publishing company. (score!) This happened:

The editor turned to the guy next to her. “Joe, do you have any commas?”

Joe rummaged in his satchel and replied, “No, Melodee used them all.”

Both of them gave me a deadpan stare. Then, I swear, the whole group just stared at me.

Now, that could have unnerved many a folk. But me? I got a lot of embarrassing moments. So, it didn’t faze me. But it did confuse me.

Thankfully, I’ve learned a thing or two since. My copy editor helps me on my for-purchase publications. So, don’t expect my blog posts to be edited to perfection. k?

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