Welcome to The Danu Series

The Assumption Code

Book 1

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Margi achieves adoration by Rising in New York City as a newsroom’s leading anchorwoman. Yet something always lurks even below the flaws one knows. One doctor sees what lurks.

Using nanobot implants guised as a cosmetic procedure, he transfers Margi into the body of his nemesis’s wife on the planet Danu. There, Margi relishes her new role as spokeswoman of a biotech corporation and the pleasures at the hands of the young executive Stavon.

There’s one catch. A discovery of its operations rocks her to the core.

Margi has always lent her voice to others as a reporter, but such times demand more than voice. She must bring down an idea–an idea that has now reached Earth.

Cam: In the Wake

A Danu Story

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As Danu’s citizens struggle in the wake of The Assumption Code, a teenage girl copes with a more personal loss. While her father takes his role as the planet’s Chief Scientist, she plays her visole to see herself through these difficult times and into a world that extends beyond the invisible boundaries of Danu.


Rolo: In the Wake

A Danu Story

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Rolo is now the Chief Scientist of Danu in the wake of The Assumption Code. While the planet wrestles with a new civilization, Rolo searches for a future while atoning for his atrocities committed against his dear friend, Tolman.

He hides in his work even after DanuVitro has fallen and its technology declared illegal. Yet technology may be his only redemption—a technology that has caused the degradation of civilization for thousands of years. What price would he pay to reunite Tolman with his true love?