Welcome to The Danu Series

The Assumption Code

Book 1

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Margi achieves adoration by Rising in New York City as a newsroom’s leading anchorwoman. Yet something always lurks even below the flaws one knows. One doctor sees what lurks.

Using nanobot implants guised as a cosmetic procedure, he transfers Margi into the body of his nemesis’s wife on the planet Danu. There, Margi relishes her new role as spokeswoman of a biotech corporation and the pleasures at the hands of the young executive Stavon.

There’s one catch. A discovery of its operations rocks her to the core.

Margi has always lent her voice to others as a reporter, but such times demand more than voice. She must bring down an idea–an idea that has now reached Earth.

Cam: In the Wake

A Danu Story

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As Danu’s citizens struggle in the wake of The Assumption Code, a teenage girl copes with a more personal loss. While her father takes his role as the planet’s chief scientist, she plays her visole to see herself through these difficult times and into a world that extends beyond the invisible boundaries of Danu.