Rolo: In the Wake

I like Rolo. And he’s been on my mind for 3 years since I wrote the draft of this novella. He has now come to life in his own story, Rolo: In the Wake, Kindle version now available on Amazon.

I’ve always wondered how a person would come to grips for his sins while undercover for the good guys. Worse yet, to do something so vile against ones fellows and become best friends with the person whose life you’ve destroyed. Well, that’s Rolo. He’s got a heart of passion that is buried under guilt.

I have plans for this guy. I wouldn’t want to mess with him. Nor would I want to mess with Margi. But that’s a later story. For now, get a glimpse into Rolo’s life and his vision for civilization’s future. Tomorrow is a gift for idle minds.

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