A power that gives

I was a nerd in high school and never grew out of it. But that’s another story. Of all the irritations in life, one of the more vexing ones was that aptitude test. It aimed to list what professions were best suited to the kid. You know, kinda like the factions from the movie Divergent.

My score leaned me heavily as a playwright. My reaction was, “Wha? My mom won’t let me do that.” I had visions of Shakespearian plays and living in a hostel or under a bridge. It totally did not make sense to me, especially when I saw the other professions like lawyer or doctor. Curse their golden eggs.

Looking back on it, if it had said writer, novelist, screenwriter…anything other than playwright I would have better understood my potential for what was my life purpose.

I began a true appreciation for the status of a writer when watching the movie Contact. Eleanor, played by Jodie Foster, said, “They should have sent a poet,” when trying to describe her experience as a scientist in another realm of space. I get that. I’m a poet. I truly remember thinking I could have described that experience for humanity if that day should come. That’s when it hit me and where my place was in the world. I was special. I had an ability. I should use that ability.

An ability is a power that gives. It’s more than a skill. Perhaps because I want to offer my observations to humanity makes me a writer. I think so. It doesn’t make me better or worse or odder than anyone else. It’s just my gift to you. (Did you notice my use of movies? As in playwright script examples?)

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