Stripes are not a Pattern

Here’s my stream of consciousness for the day.

When I was an interior designer, my boss told me that I could put stripes with anything. Stripes are an element and not a pattern. Um, okay.

Let me grab my life decoder ring for that one, k? Got it.

What it says to me is that stripes provide a communication bridge between two seemingly disparate patterns. You like two styles that are dissimilar, add something to tie them together. You don’t want the matchy-matchy staged home look without depth of interest, without an environment that you can connect with.

Let’s assign stripes to life and see what happens. You target a new area in life you want to engage and don’t think it fits into your personal pattern. Hmmm. Simply add stripes, something to bridge the two styles. It doesn’t mean you must give up a style; aka an identity. You paint with acrylics, and wear tank tops, and drink blueberry smoothies. Yup, that works. It communicates who you are but does not define you. Stripes create context. Keep adding.

The world is becoming more diverse, full of stripes, I’d say. We’re not so much defined by a single pattern. Logic, eww. In fact, we’re seeing this concept on the web, in terms of discoverability, elements. The art of customer relationship management is exactly that. Business caters to diverse elements by attributes of personal expression. People who wear boot-cut jeans, buy coffee mugs, and air purifiers. Stuff like that. Stripes. [enter deep thoughts] Society is no longer authoritative. I like that.

I think that with enough stripes, life is limitless, and has a depth of interest you can connect with. Do and be anything. Now, I understand stripes. Thanks life decoder ring!

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