Reedsy blog post

What fun I’m having with this book. I use Reedsy to find talented collaborators on my publications. I contacted the company’s co-founder, Ricardo, to give my success story on my book launch promo. In a flash, he put his own team to work on promotion of The Assumption Code.

I’m getting in tune with readers. The Reedsy article says it all.

Book excerpt:
  “Your campaign is scheduled before Holan takes the stage.” Ferli stopped talking. “Something wrong?”
Margi recognized the name the nurse had spoken yesterday, or was it only yesterday? She was losing her sense of time. She dismissed it. “Go on.”
Ferli’s lips curled at the ends in what read as disgust. “I’ve transferred the script to you. You’ll have a teleprompter this time.” She sighed. “You’ll need to speak to them. They need to know that not everybody can go.” She chuckled to herself. “Not every 
body can go. Or return.” She peered into her notes, hiding a smirk, then glanced at Margi—the smirk now directed at her. “They all want to be clients. Who wouldn’t?”

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